Three-axis milling machine
The milling machine has compact dimensions and allows even on a small area to process products from polyurethane foam blocks fixed on an axis.

High precision linear guides with automatic lubrication
Linear guides are designed for linear movement of units and parts of machine tools and various automated industrial complexes. All guides comply with international and European standards and are manufactured under continuous quality control - Smooth movement, quiet operation. The lubricator has a capillary lubricant distributor, thanks to which the lubricant is supplied in three directions and thus covers the rail and the rolling elements with the lubricant.

Set of protective covers for power lines
Provide protection of cables from external damage (protects against mechanical damage in case of falling off-site scraps), which increases the service life of the machine and increases the level of safety in production.

Complex control system
Includes a frequency converter, air preparation station, electronic components, I / O, low voltage devices and other equipment to ensure the joint coordinated operation of all machine elements.

Insulated instrument height sensor
The height sensor is triggered by the pressure of the cutter on the platform located on the pneumatic cylinder.

Description of machine operation

1. The spindle is in the home position to ensure smooth positioning of the workpiece
2. The operator in the working area of the machine sets and fixes the workpiece on the axis, and then sets the axis with the workpiece in the machine
3. The operator closes the door, selects the processing program
4. The safety loop is closed. The machine starts milling according to the selected program
5. After the end of the milling process, the spindle moves to its home position
6. The operator gains access to the working area of the machine and removes the finished product from the axis
7. The cycle repeats

In the event of an emergency stop or failure of the milling process, the program can be resumed from any point. Average processing time for one piece is 10 minutes.
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