CAD / CAM in orthopedics: the possibilities for you

CAD / CAM technology (computer-aided design and manufacturing) allows you to create 3D models and automate the production of positives. This means that the production of orthopedic products becomes possible where there is no equipment, but there are patients who need them!

We use these opportunities mainly for the production of corsets of any type and some other orthoses, and we can do the same for your patients!

All we need to make a corset is:
- 3D model of the patient's body
- X-ray of the spine
- patient's photo

With this data, our doctors will be able to design a corset and send it to you completely finished! You just have to put on the corset on the patient and modify it if necessary. In doing so, you need minimal training.
If you have not made corsets before, but want to start making them, we can supply you with the necessary equipment (both a complete set and its parts), and you will be able to make corsets automatically using modeling from us.

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