Robotic complex
The robotic complex includes an industrial robot manipulator with a spindle, a single-axis rotary table with a mounting table top for fixing and holding the workpiece in the milling process. In order to ensure the safety of the operator and third parties, the complex has a protective fence, as well as an integrated security system and a light-signal column. The workpiece processing program is started from the robot control panel.

Description of the complex operation:

  • The robot is in its home position to ensure smooth positioning of the workpiece
  • The operator in the working area of the robot sets and fixes the workpiece on the mounting table
  • The operator leaves the working area of the robot, closes the gate, selects the processing program
  • The safety loop is closed. The robot starts milling according to the selected program
  • After the end of the milling process, the robot moves to its home position
  • The operator gains access to the working area of the robot and removes the finished product from the tabletop
  • The cycle is repeated
In the event of an emergency stop or failure of the milling process, the program can be resumed from any point.
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