Hot bench TS-2
This hot bench is specially designed for working with large sheets of plastic. It is designed for uniform and gentle heating of sheets of low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE), as well as high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE), which is used in orthopedics and prosthetics in the production of corsets, apparatus, splints and other products.

The cover of the hot bench is mounted on gas springs, which ensures its easy opening and closing during operation. The hot bench is a flat heating surface covered with an anti-adhesive material in relation to plastic. The heat supply is one-sided, carried out by means of a heating element, due to which uniform heating of the material is achieved. Thanks to the movable top cover, materials of different thicknesses can be heated. The control unit provides regulation and viewing of the set temperature, as well as additional parameters. The hot bench is equipped with casters for easy movement
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