A set of hinges devices for the hip joint (SWASH)
A set of hinges devices for the hip joint (SWASH). Provides movement adjustment in three planes. It is designed for the patient's weight of 50 kg.

SWASH is used for dysplasia of the hip joints and cerebral palsy, the hinges of the device repeat the movements in the hip joint in the sagittal plane. The amplitude of the hip movement is adjusted when the device is adjusted on the patient. The main effect of the SWASH is that the device ensures the stability of the hip joints, normalizes the distribution of pressure between the femoral head and the acetabular cavity and reduces the likelihood of dislocation of the femoral head by 2 times. In a seated position, the SWASH increases the area of support due to abduction of the hips. In the device, the child's back straightens in standing and sitting position, hands are freed from support, energy consumption is reduced, which leads to a decrease in fatigue.

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